Wednesday, September 23, 2009


so i get an assload of magazines. and, when i say assload i mean it. there is almost nothing i love more than reading magazines. let's talk about the ones i get.

first there is the mandatory us weekly. it's kind of expensive and it comes pretty often but it's really great and i especially like that they have lots of stuff about clothes and makeup in addition to just news about celebrities. us weekly is where i get most of my jon & kate info. also i would say that us weekly is pretty accurate most of the time and tries a lot harder than say intouch.

next i get instyle. it's pretty much full of a lot of ads (tho not as bad as say vogue) but it's pretty good. lots of the clothes and stuff tend to fall on the more expensive side tho.

i get lucky and have gotten it ever since it started. i like it a lot tho i could do without the stickers. i mean who the hell is going to sit thru and mark their magazine with stickers like a 5 year old? lucky is nice because it's dirt cheap too, like $12 a year or something.

this year i started marie claire. i picked it up in a bookstore 1 day and really enjoyed it so i thought i would try it. 1 good thing about it is that they do some more substantial stories about real issues which is nice since i don't read a paper. so far i like it.

i also get real simple. this is a new one for me and so far I LOVE IT! holy crap they have a ton of good ideas for decorating and home stuff. i feel like there is some thought put into this magazine and they don't just put whatever shit out there.

for some reason i am still getting cookie and i don't know why. i don't really like it. i hate jenny mccarthy and they had her on the cover recently. i think kids are literally getting whooping cough now because of her anti-vaccination crusade. no offense but anyone who listens to jenny mcarthy for medical advice needs to have her head examined. talk to your fucking dr. people. also i hate cookie because they feature $300 sweaters for kids. it's like a kids fashion magazine. i'm going to go ahead and not buy K a $300 sweater ok? thanks.

i also get midwest living which is out of des moines and minnesota monthly. these are helpful to me because they have great ideas about crap to around town. sometimes they'll have like a "best burgers" article or something and i pour over it to find out where to eat. i also get sunset which i really like but is all about california. i'm not so big on the gardening aspect of it but i like the stuff about stuff to do in the bay area.

lastly i get cooking light. i don't usually cook "light" so i dunno why i get it but i do. one thing i don't like about it is that the recipes take like 5 hours to make. they are really involved compared to say recipes in midwest living.

i'm not counting the magazines my husband gets here and i am sure i am forgetting some others i get too but that is all i can remember right now. i really love magazines.


  1. I get a TON of magazines too. They are so cheap these days! And I'm so addicted to US. I get People too which I have mixed feelings about sometimes but they get a lot of exclusive celebrity interviews and stuff which is cool. Usually between it and US you have all the really good stuff covered.

  2. i do like PEOPLE also. i like that they have stuff about murderers and real life crime. you are right about the interviews, too. i usually just buy it.