Saturday, April 4, 2009

38 kids and counting

so what about the duggars? i freaking hate them. has anyone seen this show? seriously, it's the worst, ever. i have seen 2 shows and i just can't watch anymore. i feel like a worse person for having watched, i think part of my soul was sucked away by them.

anyway...i saw the one where they met kirk cameron just because i used to like him. he used to be normal. now he is a douche. apparently in his movie he had this kissing scene or whatever and he had to substitute in his wife in the scene because he can't kiss anyone who is not his wife. WTF.

also i saw "a very duggar wedding" where their oldest son gets married. the girl he marries reminds me a lot of a barnyard animal. she looks like a donkey. all the duggars kind of remind me of barnyard animals. i bet they have IQs of under 95, for sure. the dad makes his money from renting land to cell phone companies for their towers. what?

why is TLC putting this crap on the air? i actually like matt roloff..but TLC seriously needs to take the duggars off the air immediately. it's not cool to have 18 kids..really, it's mentally ill.

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