Tuesday, April 7, 2009

enough about michelle obama's clothes

for the love of god, enough about michelle obama's clothes already. she wears j.crew, fine, whatever. j.crew is amazing but it's not like she's picking it up at the store..all that stuff sasha and malia wore for the inaguration was like specifically designed for them by j.crew. people are saying m.obama is the next jackie o. please! nothing against m.obama, she is fine, but please let's not get carried away. i'm feeling like she could come out in a barrel at this point and everyone would be like "oh, that looks amazing."

she looks good but what in the hell has she done that would make her a fashion icon? she isn't 98 years old like barbara bush, she doesn't look like laura bush thank god, and she's not ugly like hillary clinton. that's it. let's don't forget that the election night dress she wore was HORRIBLE. so anyway let's not all get carried away. let's give her some time to become a fashion icon.

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