Friday, April 17, 2009

mamma mia

so my mom and i are going to NYC in june for a long weekend and staying at the roosevelt hotel. i talked to their concierge about going to a show and she strongly recommended mamma mia. i was like "isn't that like the worst movie ever made?" she said the show is *much* better than the movie. still. so we got tickets for phantom. i hope it's good. i really wanted to see dirty dancing but that's only playing in boston. then, there's the little mermaid but like who wants to waste broadway on that? i hope NYC is fun. i sort of hate NY but i think it's fun to visit.


  1. dude. I love NYC. And I'm telling should really go see Avenue Q. I thought it was the best thing we saw on Broadway...I wanted to see Wicked but we couldn't get tickets and well anything is great there but Avenue Q was soooo freaking funny. Not sure what your mom would think but my brother and I loved it.

  2. i KNOW AVE Q would be awesome. i agree. but, it's my mom.