Tuesday, April 21, 2009

mother of the year and the celebrity apprentice

i just got K a mcdonalds electronic cash register set. she was screaming "nuggets!" and pushing the fries button about a billion times. "Fries fries fries fries." i'm not sure whether or not this is a good toy. maybe when she is 30 and 300 lbs. she can blame me. or maybe it means she will just work at mcdonalds.

so anyway, about the celebrity apprentice. here's the rundown: basically donald trump is his usual jackass self. then there's joan and melissa rivers. i think the biggest surprise to me is that melissa rivers isn't the complete train wreck that i imagined she would be! she's not -that- bad. joan rivers is cool but she is so old and she makes a lot of noise when she walks because she wears a thousand pounds of jewelry which she designs for QVC. then there was some golfer who i don't know who got fired.

also, there was brian mcknight. i don't know any of his songs or anything. he is fine but he got fired. clint black is a total freak. who even listens to him? i don't even know anything he sings. there is a total beeeotch poker player annie something who is terrible. dennis rodman was also awful and he got fired. i couldn't understand him when he spoke. i'm not sure he can speak english. he seemed like really dumb and lazy. not sure how he got 3 championships? also khloe kardashian was on it. talk about stretching the word "celebrity." her sister is barely even a celebrity. lastly there is jesse james who is the best one. i hope he wins, he seems really cool. i think the show will probably go off the air soon.


  1. lol. ok, 20, whatever. i should just email you these posts directly since it's just between us.

  2. Please tell me you loved it when Khloe Kardashian got fired b/c she had gotten a DUI. Which I first of all think is hilarious b/c I can't believe she didn't have Robert Shapiro represent her and get her off. The glove doesn't fit for godsake! And besides...the Donald lovvvvvvved Dennis and he was obviously a walking and talking alcoholic time bomb. As for the toy...too bad it wasn't an In & Out register. I'd be hitting fries fries fries too!