Sunday, April 19, 2009

my fake fiance

there is a new abc family original movie called "my fake fiance" starring sabrina and joey lawrence. WTH is going on? i actually watched that one with tom arnold and candice cameron a while back just because tom arnold is from iowa. it was bad. i wasn't sure if he was her dad or they were supposed to be dating. anyway, can you even imagine working on the set of "my fake finance" ?? i didn't know joey lawrence still acted. i actually saw a commercial for it and then i got a banner ad for it on yahoo mail. i am their target audience? and they acutally have an advertising budget? i have lots of questions.


  1. I had a screener. I should have sent you.

  2. yes! i would have loved to! i really am genuinely puzzeld as to how "movies" like this get made.

  3. :)