Monday, April 13, 2009

more duggars and kristen stewart

ok so it was on the news today that those idiot duggar kids who got married are now going to have a kid. that means the duggars are having a grandkid. it's a lot like sarah palin where the kid trygg or however the F you spell it is the same age as the grandkid. wow. they say "we're leaving it up to god as to how many children we will have." you know what? i'm sorry but it's called birth control. did anyone see the movie idiocracy btw? it's fabulous, seriously. you wouldn't think so, but it's great. check it out, it totally explains the duggars. in other news, they are filming the new twilight. um, is it just me or did kristen stewart royally suck in the first one? i mean, she was terrible. they really should have replaced her. at least they did a good job with edward and jacob though. whatever, i will still see it. i only read the first 2 books but they were good. when we were looking for houses in minneapolis we looked at one on "lake edward" and i totally wanted to buy it. it even had that vacuum system in the house where it sucks all the crap out and you do nothing.

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  1. Did you see the ep where the son goes to Florida to meet the in-laws and they all belong to a church made of corrugated metal? And then they go out for an expensive Italian dinner, except it was an Olive Garden knock-off? Oh, and their waiter was weirder than they were. Seriously.