Sunday, April 26, 2009

i'm a "celebrity" get me out of here

so there is this new nbc show called "i'm a celebrity...get me out of here." it's like sanjaya from american idol and speidi and all these fake ass celebrities like stephen baldwin and they are going to dump them in costa rica. rod blagojevich was going to do it but then the federal judge in IL was like "no, um, you are facing life in prison and you can't leave the country." i think the premise is that the celebs do challenges and whatever and 1 will win and gets to give some $$ to a charity.

so we rented this movie a while back called the "condemned." it was REALLY weird. like, beyond weird. it was starring a pro wrestler "stone cold" whatever and basically it was all of the baddest ass death row inmates from all over the world and they were sent to this island and they all had to kill eachother and the winner would get off death row. it was broadcast live via the "internet" and people had to pay to see it.

so, that is what i propose for this new show. i think that instead of doing challenges they should just all fight to the death and then the winner gets to live. i think that would be WAY more interesting. i also think vicki from R.H.O.C. should be on it. oh, and also the guy from shamwow! who just got arrested for having a violent confrontation with a prostitute in south beach. i would definitely put my $$ on him.


  1. Okay your posts Rock!!! I think Vicki would kill them all, all the while still typing on her laptop.

  2. YES LOL in the limo. which, btw we all know she is just pressing keys and not typing anything!